Mosaik (former Mosaic) is a band, who fuse early, traditional Polish music with the Orient as well as with World Music. The ensemble plays the historical and traditional instruments from different countries. In Mosaik’s music a listener will encounter Slavic wildness and melancholy, oriental mystery, a sounds of nature and urban chaos, the ancient world order and contemporary eclecticism.
Award winners of such competitions as New Tradition Polish Radio’s Festival of Folk Music and of Folk St. Nicholas Day Festival. Mosaik has performed at prestigious festivals of ethno music, such as Cross Culture Festival, Ethnoport Music Festival. The band released three records with their debut album, Ludovava, being critically acclaimed as a major music event of the year 2010. Mosaik’s collaboration with Polish Radio resulted in their second release …a my do Betlejem (…And We Go to Bethlehem), a recording of their concert, which took place in W. Lutosławski Polish Radio Studio in Warsaw. In December 2013 Mosaik released their third album Całe szczęście, totally supported by a successfull crowdfunding.
Samples: The Rough Guide to Undiscovered World (World Music Network 2012), Tribute to Moskwa (HRPP 2013), samples promoting the most important Polish folk bands for WOMEX.

Line up:
Jolanta Kossakowska – violin, medieval fiddles, gęśle, vocal
Zofia Kolbe-Wojdyr – gaita gallega, recorders, percussion instruments, vocal
Mateusz Szemraj – al oud, tar, saz, Polish dulcimer
Wojciech Lubertowicz – percussion instruments
Bart Pałyga – wspak (folk bass), Jew’s harp, throat singing

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